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Restaurant - Suggestions

:: Fish and shellfish

Main Courses from 15th January to 15th April 2015

Bass with cooking salt (2 pers)


Grilled young turbot fish with various vegetables (2pers)


Grilled sole or sole meunière


Braised lobster or lobster with minced vegetables


Thick slice of braised salmon in mousseline sauce


Mix of grilled fish (prawns, young sole, salmon and bass)


Wing of skate in a browned butter sauce


Eels in herb sauce

Season suggestions : first and maindishes

Starters and main dishes served from January 15th until 15th April 2015 :


Minced salmon marinated in dill


Shrimps cocktail


Lobster and foie gras salad


Scampi with leeks


Eels in herb sauce


Mountain ham


Italian risotto with mushrooms and truffles


Vitello tomato (slices of veal covered with a tuna and mayonnaise sauce)

Main dishes
Young wild boar in a creamy Meaux mustard sauce €24,50
Charolais beef with crushed peppercorns €26,50
Cushion of beef with a sauce of your choice €48,00
Loin of lamb with seasonal vegetables €46,00
Duck with orange €24,50
Pheasant flambé with "Fine Champagne" (until February 15th) €59,00
:: Nos suggestions saisonnières : plats

Plats servis du 15/04/2015 au 15/06/2015
Ris de veau sauté Argenteuil €27,50
Marcassin à la moutarde de Meaux
Charolais de bœuf aux poivres concassés
Noix d'entrecôte sauce au choix (2cts)
Carré d'agneau jardinière (2cts)
Tranche de foie de veau grillée aux épinards
Magret de canard aux lamelles de pêches €21,00
Mix de ris de veau et rognons aux jeunes oignons €26,50
Risotto à l'italienne aux champignons et truffes €48,00