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along the "Forêt de Soignes"


Restaurant - Suggestions

:: Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish served from June 16th until September 14th 2014


Minced salmon flesh Norwegian style (with chives, onions mustard, egg yolks and lemon)


Minced salmon marinated in dill


Shrimps cocktail with grapefruit


Lobster and foie gras salad


Marinated swordfish in sorrel sauce


Mexican style scampis (olive oil and hot tomato sauce)


Cassolette of squid in olive, basil, caper and tomato sauce

Eels in herb sauce
Main Courses

Bass with cooking salt (2 pers)


Grilled young turbot fish with various vegetables (2pers)


Grilled sole or sole meunière


Braised lobster or lobster with minced vegetables


Thick slice of braised salmon in mousseline sauce (lemon, cream and egg yolk whipped with butter)


Mix of grilled fish (prawns, young sole, salmon and bass)

Sole fillets with shrimps €33,50

The skate wing with lime and sorrel


Eels in herb sauce

:: Our seasonal suggestions: first- and maindishes
Starters and main dishes served from June 16th until 14th September 2014


Moutain ham

Smoked and minced duck breasts with foie gras


Pappardelle pasta with smoked salmon from Scotland


Pan-fried escalope of foie gras in port wine sauce


Poached egg Scandinavian



Vitello tonnato


Avocado salad with shrimp

Vitello tomato (slices of veal covered with a tuna and mayonnaise sauce)

The fried eggs with truffle

Main courses
Sweetbreads sautéed in Norman

Boar in Taurasi Doc G


Charolais beef with summer truffle


Cushion of beef with a sauce of your choice (2 pers)


Loin of lamb with seasonal vegetables (2 pers)


Slice of grilled veal liver in English

Duck breast with red fruits

Mix sweetbreads and kidneys chives

Charolais Beef Rossini €27,50

Italian risotto with mushrooms and truffles (2 pers)

:: Our wild game meat suggestions : first- and maindishes