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Spend some gourmet moments

along the "Forêt de Soignes"


Restaurant - Menu

:: Menu of the Chef for 24.5 €
3 services served from October 14th until January 15th 2015

The Chief’s at 24,50 euros

Ham ballotine filled with chicory and grilled cheese

Or Fish soup with “rouille “sauce

Or Noodles with ragout of hare

Or Filled squids with tomatoes coulis

Or Wild game croquettes with chesnuts

Or Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese

Or Snails with “forestière” sauce

* * *

« Blanc-Bleu » tenderlion in foie gras sauce

Or Hare stew with a wine and shallot sauce

Or Slice of veal with parma ham

Or Pan fried veal liverwith Madeira sauce

Or Salmon filet in acacia honey sauce

Or Young rabbit tournedos in hunter sauce

Or Young wildboar in “grand veneur” sauce

* * *

Homemade Pastry


:: Menu of the Patron for 39,50 €
5 services served from October 15th until January 15th 2015

The Chief’s Menu at 41,50 euros

Foie gras (goose) in brine with Sauternes jelly

Or  Beef Carpaccio with truffles

* * *

Quartet Of cheese-topped oysters

Or Raviolis with wild musrooms and truffles

* * *

Hare filet « Arlequin » ( creamy, pepper sauce and wine sauce)

Or Wild game meat festival

Or Beef filet  in creamy bolet mushroom sauce

Or Duet of poched fish with minced vegetables in mousseline sauce

* * *

Mixed cheese platter

* * *

Choice of various pastry or Fruits of the season