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Gourmets will appreciate the hop sprouts now in suggestion !!!

Enjoy our beautiful terrace !!!


Restaurant - Menu

:: Menu of the Chef for 24.5 €
3 services served from January 15th until April 15th 2015


Menu at 24,50€

Pasta roll stuffed with vegetables and wild mushrooms

or Bisque of lobster

or  Roasted pasties stuffed with  a pepper and tomato bisque

or  Melted cheese  (4 cheese sorts) croquettes

or Chicken terrine

or  Danish salad (with cooked salmon, cocktail sauce and smocked salmon

or  Diced endives on toast with goat cheese and honey


Lamb filet with various fresh herbs

or Veal liver in  shallot sauce

or  Tournedos in a bacon and mushroom sauce

or  Veal escalope (thin slice of veal)  in a creamy spinach sauce

or Young rabbit in Kriek sauce (Belgian cherry beer)

or  Cod filet with leeks


Pastry of the day


:: Menu of the Patron for 39,50 €
5 services served from January 15th until April 15th 2015


Menu at 41,50€

Foie gras with port wine jelly

or 6  oysters


Saint Jacques and scampis in vegetable broth

or  Salmon stuffed Agnolotti (Raviolis)  in a creamy sauce, topped with smoked salmon


Beef filet in a creamy Meaux mustard  sauce

or Young wild  boar  with wild mushrooms

or Sole filet with  shrimps

or Eels in herb sauce


Cheese Plate


Homemade pastry

Assortment of fruits of the season